Christmas decorations tidied away, new years resolutions set, we are clearing our workshop up for the new year. We have opened our winter sale, so you can now justify buying that cushion you have had your eye on! A little bit of Mexican warmth on your sofa during these cold days.

Last week our trusty buyer in Mexico City, Fleur, took a trip to the beautiful Pahuatlan to collect the latest embroidery made by some of the women living in the hills. This little town is a four hour drive to the east of Mexico City, in the centre of Mexico. While in Pahuatlan Fleur contributed to a puppet workshop that was organised for some of the embroiderers’ children. The workshop was led by Italian puppeteer Maria and was the idea of Miguel who helps us to communicate orders with the women.



Making puppets from recycled material


Boys and girls gathered in the main market square with a pile of cardboard and second hand paper. They were curious how this heap of rubbish was going to be turned into a story. Maria started to tell the tale as they all sat in a circle. Slowly they all began to cut and stick until they ended up with fantastical eagles. The children were captivated for 4 hours and enjoyed unleashing their creativity. Happy New Year Pahuatlan!

maria puppeteer

Maria with two puppet eagle heads, Pahuatlan

pink girls

Girls in pink showing off their puppet