Easter basket bags

These adorable bags woven from cactus fibre have just arrived from Mexico. There are three different sizes, a shopping bag size, handbag size and these tiny little bags perfect for a child. Just in time for Easter, they would make an excellent Easter egg basket!

Extra Small cactus bag

What are your Easter traditions? For me its an enjoyable way to celebrate Spring – the life bursting out of every corner, the longer daylight, spring vegetables and being able to shed a few layers of clothes. My sister always made a beautiful bird’s nest made from moss and twigs to put painted eggs into.

This Easter is particularly egg-citing (sorry) for Kate and I as we are off to Mexico to visit our cooperatives and plan our next collections. It is Kate’s first trip to Mexico and my father in law’s first visit from his new grandson. We look forwards to sharing our photos and stories of our trip here and on instagram.

Extra Small