Multicoloured hand embroidered wall hanging

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This fanciful piece of embroidery portrays wonderful scenes of woman carrying baskets of chickens on their back and in their hands, men with large hats sitting astride colourful horses and a group of huntsmen returning home with deer hanging upside down on poles.   Exotic insects and other animals sit within a grid formation on a stem of large flowers.  Truly a feast for the eyes.  An elderly hand has stitched this piece, and the embroidery is fairly dense in its application, however it is a charming piece, full of intrigue.

The cloth has been backed and ‘locked’ together in our workshop in Wiltshire using a blue and cream cotton ticking.  The cloth has a heavy weight Velcro stitched to the top of the hanging, and a light weight wooden batten threaded through a loop at the bottom of the backing cloth which stretches and weights the hanging. .  To attach the artwork to the wall, a batten with corresponding velcro loop (provided) needs to be screwed into a wall.

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Dimensions: Width 185cm x Height 176cm.

Hand embroidery worked in cotton thread on cotton base cloth.

Backing cloth, Blue and cream cotton ticking.