Shedding light on new music

A unique collaboration between Montes & Clark and Belle Rose Events created a special atmosphere for a night of live music, cocktails and Mexican food in the Wiltshire countryside.


Entering a barn from a foggy November evening guests were greeted by our vibrant paper cut bunting,  a warm log fire, and delicious Mexican street food.  Two bands, ‘Towers’ and ‘Jasper in the company of others’ played to an energetic audience in a space that was illuminated by our hand embroidered Otomi  lampshades. They appeared suspended above the crowd as lanterns of rich texture and colour in the vaulted ceiling, adding a unique feature to this already stunning venue.

The lampshades got a shout out from ‘Jasper in the company of others’ while the lights were flashed on and off during the chorus to shouts of approval from the crowd! We look forward to collaborating with Belle Rose Events at Ashley Wood Farm in the future and have already booked tickets for the next ‘Gig in a Barn’ in May.