• montes-and-clark-tableware


    Pull up a pew

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  • montes & clark artworks


    Give your walls a treat

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  • montes & clark elvia furniture

    Whats New?

    The Elvia collection is our response to the British winter! In our workshop in Wiltshire we make the cloth into cushions using a dark grey Linen Union backing cloth, as well as upholster one off pieces and commissions…

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  • Commissions

  • sunset over Jolom

    Jolom Chiapas Visit

    Chiapas was a trip where all senses are exposed and where emotion and pride of our culture invites you to shout it to the four winds

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  • cushions-collection


    One is just never enough

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  • handmade papercuts hanging up

    Papercut Bunting

    Parties never looked so good

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  • lamp bases

    Lamp Bases

    It’s all about the base

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  • montes & clark lamp shades


    A perfect glow

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  • montes & clark stacked chairs


    One-off forever pieces

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  • montes & clark throws hanging up


    Add instant style to any room

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  • pom poms single and double


    Those little things that count

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  • montes & clark gift voucher

    Vouchers & Cards

    The perfect gift

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